bathroom_fan_ventillationbathroom-extractorsBathroom extractor fans

remove odours from your house, which improves indoor air quality. They also remove moisture, which decreases the level of humidity in your house. High humidity can damage building materials and can cause mold growth. Mold may affect your family's health.

Please, contact our engineers to report for all problems immediately.

We provide a complete fitting and repair services for all types of domestic bathroom extractor fans.

Express service in the same day. Repairs or fitting of all brands and models of domestic bathroom extractor fans.

Bathroom extractor fan and kitchen hood repairs for fixed price

Fixed Price Repair - £49

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Our company do not charge VAT.

If you do not have a hole and cable for the bathroom extractor fan, we will charge you for handyman services - £40 for the first hour, £16 per half hour thereafter.

We always discuss what is the best solution for you before we start the job.

The fan should not be accessible for a person who uses either the shower or the bath and should be mounted at minimum 1.8m high from the floor.

The first step in choosing a bathroom fan is to determine what kind of fan you prefer.

bathroom-fan3ceiling-extractor-fanHere are several basic options to choose:

A fan which is mounted on the ceiling or on the wall?

A fan with a built-in light fixture?

A fan with a timer or a switch?

A fan with a built-in heating element?

It's important to choose the correct fan with proper air movement capacity and silent operation, as well as to decide the right place to be mounted on.

The main function of a ceiling extractor fan is for the ventilation inside a bathroom or the kitchen of your home. Ceiling extractor fans are very common nowadays. The ceiling extractor fans used to be fitted only at public places, but now homes also tend to feature those types of fans.

In order to for choose the correct bathroom extractor fan, you can completely rely on our professional consultations.